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The Tarsus System allows for control of both the brake and the accelerator from the passenger side. Our equipment is designed to be low profile, making it easier to use your vehicle normally when Tarsus is not being utilized.

The system can be mounted as one unit or the pedals can be mounted separately. This allows the user to choose a comfortable fit.

Our accelerator pedal is the first of its kind to be electronic. It has a more natural feel and can be switched off when not in use. Being electronic means less mess under your feet and even works with newer vehicles that might have a floor mounted accelerator.


The Tarsus brake is the perfect solution for driving schools, programs, and parents. 

  • Longer lasting cable

  • Adjustable pedal arm

  • Rigid steel construction


The Tarsus accelerator is the first of its kind to be electronic. 

  • Override OEM accelerator

  • Can be added with existing brake

  • Can be switched off anytime

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