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Howell Ventures Ltd.
4850 Rte 102
Upper Kingsclear, NB
Tel: (506) 363-5289
Toll-Free: 1-888-370-5050
Fax: (506) 363-2391
Toll-Free Fax: 1-800-506-6666

Instructor Brake, Safety Brake, Monitor Brake, Evaluator Brake, Training Brake, call it what you want. The Tarsus instructor electronic acceleration and mechanical braking system will give you control of your vehicle faster and safer than ever before.


Buy it individually or as a kit, available worldwide for left side or right-side driven vehicles.


Built & distributed by Howell Ventures Ltd, the home of Sure Grip hand controls for 33 years.


Candidate vehicle must have OEM electronic acceleration, vehicle serial number required with purchase to ensure system compatibility. Not all vehicles are compatible.

For more information please contact Mike @ 1-888-370-5050 or Mike@suregrip-hvl.com

Tarsus System: Accelerator & Brake

  • Tarsus System: Accelerator & Brake